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NewCo Capital Group &, Preferred Providers of Working Capital in the Alternative Financing Space Serve as Sponsors of the 2023 Funders Forum

John Whittier

Jul 20, 2023

Thousands of small businesses across the United States turn to NewCo Capital Group and as a reliable source of working capital or a bridge to conventional financing.

Albert Gahfi, NewCo Capital Group's CEO, said: "As a preferred provider in the alternative financing space, NewCo's strong position in the market, coupled with its technology, make it the perfect vehicle to safely deploy capital in a turbulent economy- small business is growing and we're here to support it. For NewCo, Attending the 2023 Funders Forum is our chance to exhibit and teach while forging new partnerships as we continue to scale and grow."

The Forum will host some of the top providers of the Alternative Finance and Working Capital space, as well as policymakers and influencers. Serving as an assembly for the exchange of ideas, perspective and dialogue, the program will provide interactive sessions regarding best practices, advocacy and the continued growth of the Fin-Tech SMB ecosystem.

Notable guest speakers and attendees for the Funders Forum 2023 include Daymond John (CEO and founder of FUBU and legendary Shark Tank investor), Fin-Tech Entrepreneurs Meir Hurwitz and Abe Zeines, the Mayor of Miami Beach Francis Suarez, Sad Steven of as well as the NewCo Capital Group & Executive team: Chief Revenue Officer Bruce Gurvitsch, Chief Risk Officer Steve Bergstrom and Director of Underwriting, Nick Kolesar.

For more information about the Funders Forum conference or how to register, visit: The Funders Forum 2023

About NewCo Capital Group, LLC


NewCo Capital Group is an Alternative Finance company specializing in MCA Bridge-Capital. As a Preferred Provider, the company is focused on fostering growth within the Small and Mid-size Business (SMB) ecosystem. We are passionate about providing fast and easy access to capital for small businesses to help them grow, scale and create jobs. Our technology, proprietary methods and extensive experience is what differentiates us allowing us to maintain our competitive edge and continue to provide value to our Merchants and employees alike.

For more information, visit www.NewCoCapitalGroup.comContact:

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