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Service Agreement:

By engaging with or accessing this platform for seeking or opting for any product or service, you acknowledge and concur with all the terms laid out by The stipulations set by constitute a formal agreement between you, your enterprise, and's Privacy Policy. USAGE AGREEMENT

Acknowledgment of Usage Agreement:

This agreement is made by you and alongside its partners (referred to as "Company", "our", or "us"). The subsequent stipulations, along with any documents expressly incorporated (collectively called "Usage Agreement"), dictate your engagement with and use of, inclusive of its content, features, and services, whether you're a visitor or a registered member.

Before navigating through the platform, ensure you've perused the Usage Agreement thoroughly. By interacting with the platform or by consenting to the Usage Agreement when prompted, you commit to being bound by this Agreement and our Privacy Policy, accessible at If you're in disagreement with the Usage Agreement or Privacy Policy, kindly refrain from using the platform.

Only individuals aged 18 and above, living in the United States or its territories, can use this platform. By engaging with this platform, you confirm that you're of legal contractual age and meet the stated eligibility criteria. If these conditions aren't met, you're prohibited from using this platform.

Amendments to the Usage Agreement:

At our sole discretion, we may periodically adjust and update the Usage Agreement. Changes become immediately active upon posting. Any interactions with the platform post these updates imply your acknowledgment and consent to the alterations. It's recommended to frequently review this section to stay informed about any modifications.

Platform Accessibility & Account Security:

The right to alter or retract this platform, or any feature or content within it, rests with us, and this might be executed without prior notification. We won't be accountable if the platform becomes inaccessible at any juncture or duration. Occasionally, certain areas of the platform may be restricted to users.

Your responsibilities include: • Arranging the necessary tools to connect to the platform. • Ensuring that anyone accessing the platform using your connection adheres to this Usage Agreement.

Should you wish to access certain resources on the platform, you might be required to furnish specific registration details. It's imperative that the data you offer is accurate and up-to-date. The information you provide is governed by our Privacy Policy.

In the event you're assigned or select a username, password, or any security-related details, maintain its confidentiality. The responsibility of ensuring no unauthorized access to the platform using your credentials lies with you. If any security breaches are detected, notify us promptly. Ensure that you securely log out after each session, especially when using public or shared devices.

For any potential breaches of this Usage Agreement, we reserve the right to deactivate any username, password, or identifier.

Rights Pertaining to Intellectual Property:

All content, features, and functions of the platform (including software, text, images, audio, video, design, etc.) are the property of the Company or its content providers and are safeguarded by U.S. and international intellectual property laws.

You're permitted to interact with the platform for personal, non-commercial reasons only. Certain actions are allowable: • Temporary storage of materials in RAM while accessing them. • Storing auto-cached files by browsers for better display. • Printing or downloading limited pages for personal use. • Downloading provided apps under our end-user license agreement. • Utilizing available social media features with content.

However, refrain from: • Altering material copies. • Utilizing copyrighted materials without rights. • Removing or editing any copyright or proprietary notices.

Commercial exploitation of any part of the platform or its services is strictly prohibited.

Infringement of these terms will result in immediate revocation of platform usage rights. All materials acquired must be returned or destroyed upon request. Rights not explicitly granted remain reserved by the Company.


Names and logos associated with the Company, including, and all associated logos, products, designs, and slogans, are trademarks of the Company or its partners. Unauthorized use is prohibited. All other displayed trademarks are properties of their respective holders.

Use Restrictions

  • Use our site legally and according to these terms.

  • Avoid:

    • Breaking any local, state, federal, or international laws.

    • Exploiting or harming minors.

    • Sending unsolicited promotional materials.

    • Pretending to be someone you're not, especially not us.

    • Any action that disrupts the enjoyment or use of our website.

    • Overburdening or damaging our site.

    • Using robots or manual processes to copy content without permission.

    • Uploading viruses or harmful software.

    • Unauthorized access or attacks on our website or related servers.

User Content

  • Our site might have features where you can share content.

  • Your shared content must follow our guidelines.

  • Anything you share is non-confidential. We can use it for any purpose.

  • Ensure you own or have rights to what you share and that it doesn't break our terms.

  • The content you share is your responsibility, not ours. We aren't accountable for any issues it might cause.

Moderation & Action

  • We can remove user content or refuse to post it.

  • If user content breaks our terms, we can take any appropriate action.

  • If needed, we'll share user details with third parties claiming rights violations.

  • We might take legal steps or stop your access to our site for any violations.

  • We might help law enforcement if required by sharing user data.

  • Any action we take is protected, and you can't hold us responsible.

Copyright Issues

  • For DMCA notices, contact Andy Walton at

  • Not following DMCA requirements might render your claim ineffective.

  • False copyright claims can lead to penalties.

  • If your content is wrongly removed, you can counter the claim.

  • Follow the DMCA process for counter-notifications.

  • If you falsely counter a claim, you could face penalties.

Handling of Repeated Offenders

Under suitable conditions, HappyMCA has a procedure to disable or end the accounts of users frequently violating our policies.

Dependence on Shared Information

Information provided on or via is for general awareness. The certainty, completeness, or applicability of this data isn't guaranteed. Depending on this data is entirely at your discretion. HappyMCA and Andy Walton disclaim any responsibility for trust placed on this content by you, other website visitors, or anyone who might be aware of its contents.

Third-party content may be part of, comprising materials from other participants, bloggers, third-party sources, or reporting entities. The views or statements in these contents, apart from those provided by HappyMCA, rest with their respective authors. They don’t necessarily align with HappyMCA's stance. Neither HappyMCA nor Andy Walton is accountable for the precision of any third-party materials.

Updates to

Content on might undergo changes. However, this doesn't guarantee that all information is current or exhaustive. There's a possibility that some information may become obsolete, and there's no compulsion for us to refresh such data.

Data Collection and Website Visits

The collection of user information on abides by our Privacy Policy. Engaging with implies your approval of our actions concerning your data in adherence to the Privacy Policy.

E-purchases, Applications, and Related Terms

Any online buying, applications, or other deals for products or services initiated via, or stemming from your visits, fall under our Terms of Service. These are intertwined with these Terms of Use.

There might also be special terms applicable to certain segments or features of These are included within these Terms of Use.

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