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The Future of Alternative Financing: Insights from NewCo Capital Group's Executive Team

Joanna Sullivan

Jul 24, 2023

Alternative financing has emerged as a game-changer for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) seeking capital to fuel their growth. As traditional funding options often fall short, alternative finance providers like NewCo Capital Group and have stepped in to bridge the gap, offering innovative solutions that empower SMBs to thrive.

In this op-ed, we delve into the future of alternative financing and gain valuable insights from the team at NewCo Capital Group. All of whom are either Founders, current CEOs or trailblazers  in the alternative financing space.

Embracing the Power of Future Receivables:  NewCo Capital Group has revolutionized the financing landscape by leveraging the power of future receivables. The company's unique approach to Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Bridge-Capital (BC) solution enables businesses to unlock capital based on their outstanding receivables, eliminating the need for hard collateral. By focusing on future potential rather than past financials, NewCo Capital Group offers a lifeline to SMBs that may have been overlooked by traditional lenders.

Pioneering Financial Prudence and Long-Term Sustainability: In an industry often associated with short-term gains, NewCo Capital Group stands out for its commitment to financial prudence and long-term sustainability. NewCo's underwriting guidelines prioritize stability, ensuring the company's portfolio maintains a conservative approach even as the market fluctuates. By carefully acquiring deals on preferred rates and terms, NewCo Capital Group fosters growth while mitigating risks, proving that responsible financing is not only possible but essential.

Underwriting Vs. AI: While utilizing specialized fintech systems and utilities to validate data, NewCo Capital Group's real "secret sauce" is that all of the data and information processed by AI and rule-engines is then reviewed by underwriters who have underwritten billions of dollars over the last decade. This combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise sets NewCo Capital Group apart. "Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing how we do business and conduct our lives, but the human element is still a critical component in making those decisions," emphasizes Albert Gahfi, CEO of NewCo Capital Group. While AI enables efficient and data-driven assessments, the underwriters' deep industry knowledge and experience ensure a thorough evaluation of each funding request, adding human insight to the decision-making process.

Speed, Efficiency, and Inclusion:  NewCo Capital Group prides itself on providing quick and efficient funding decisions. Their streamlined underwriting process allows them to evaluate funding requests within a remarkably short timeframe. This agility is particularly crucial for businesses that have been deemed "unbankable" by  traditional sources but possess significant growth potential. By embracing technology and data-driven approaches, NewCo Capital Group opens doors to funding that were previously inaccessible, fostering inclusivity in the financing landscape.

Scaling for the Future:  The executive team at NewCo Capital Group are continuing to expand their product offerings and are constantly scaling and evolving to stay ahead of industry trends and meet the ever-changing needs of SMBs. Their participation as sponsors of the 2023 Funders Forum showcases their commitment to thought leadership and collaboration. By engaging with other top providers, policymakers, and influencers in the alternative finance space, NewCo Capital Group is driving dialogue, sharing knowledge, and shaping the future of the FinTech SMB ecosystem.

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